SSI Dive Courses

ssi-open-water-diver-course“I looked into the sea with the same sense of trespass that I have felt on every dive. A modest canyon opened below, full of dark green weeds, black sea urchins and small flower like white algae. Fingerlings browsed the scene. The sand sloped down into a clear, blue infinity. The sun struck so brightly I had to squint. My arms hanging at my sides, I kicked the fins languidly and traveled down, gaining speed, watching the beach reeling past. I stopped kicking and the momentum carried me on a fabulous glide.”
- Jacques Cousteau on his first scuba dive in 1943


You can read alot about the levels of scuba diving.  It comes down to a matter of three areas, Recreational, Technical and Professional.  Recreational is any level of diver from Open Water Diver to Master Diver who dives for fun.  Professional is from Divemaster to Instructor Trainer and get paid for doing something they love.  In general, technical diving can be considered any sort of diving (that is not commercial diving) that allows a diver to safely exceed recreational dive limits by using advanced procedures and equipment.

If you have never dove before or have just begun and want to learn more, click here to read about the various Recreational Diving Courses which you can take to advance your diving knowledge.

If you have been diving a while and love diving so much you want to share your love with new divers, then becoming a dive professional may be for you.  Click here to find out more about the different dive professional levels.

Neither Jill or I teach technical diving, but after taking specialties like Deep Diving, Limited Visibility, Night and Wreck and your interest in learning more about decompression diving and wreck penetration, contact your local SSI Scuba Shop for more information or go to